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A Poetry Collection For You

For years I would pretend you were holding me at night.It was the only thing to keep the demons away.Time exposes a person’s true intentions.Turns out you were the cruelest demon of them all....


She began to walk the perimeter of the house to investigate, but where the walls usually turned a corner to the forested path leading to the side door, there was now another line of brick wall. It kept going; much further beyond Mona’s small home.

Changing Times

This world is packed with people, filling every corner with life; but now they’re all packed inside, leaving the streets awash in strife.

Bloody Mary Day

Suzuki rolled his eyes. His father had always been like this since he was a child, with the exact same mindset he had during his service. Everything that his father considered “American” was banned in the house.

Grognak’s Misadventure

Going outside he could see something approaching in the distance. Initially, he had thought it was another deer running through the prairie, or a herd of wild horses, but he was mistaken.

The Witch’s Grandson

I rush out the door, but immediately, the beautiful fog calms me. Long, twisting stems with glowing white-blue bulbs greet me, the vibrant forest floor quickens my step. There are flowers of all colors, little trees and big bushes.

The Last Wizard

Trix takes her wand out of her bag and gives it a quick shake to wake it up. The wand begins to glow a bright shade of blue. It gives off a low hum due to the flow of powerful magic within it.

I Paint

I paint, but not always a picture. I paint to feel the brushes going through the smooth acrylic paint to a blank canvas.

My Revolution is School

My revolution is that there will be no more tests in school. My revolution will not judge students based on scores because my revolution goes against the stats.

Beautiful Eyes

Like a chameleon, an array of colors, always changing like no other.

The Casual Watch

An hour later, the sun starts falling and nightfall starts to rise. A big and bright full moon fills the sky, followed by the bright stars. They go to the woods.

Being the Oldest

“Can you do this? Can you do that? I want this and I want that! My head is pounding, the feeling of irritation.

Planet Peace: Akira’s Story

He was ecstatic. He saw that her powers were much more powerful than the others in the village, and he wanted to know more. He wanted to see her potential and know her limits. But mainly, he wanted to know how she could be an asset to him.

The Stonewall Inn

“A brick?” I squinted my eyes at the orange rectangle that had just made contact with a police officer’s wind shield. “A brick.” I restate, now sure of it. I heard more crashes from the left and from the right of me.

The Closet

He had seen it. The monster. It was a man in all black with red, beaming eyes. He could not stop thinking about the man’s eyes that had focused on his own and then lasered up and down his body.


Matthew and Anne stayed huddled in their home, scared of everything going on in the town; some of the people accused were people they knew, people they had liked.

A Simple Spark

Ivan decided to lay down next to his mother’s grave. Hand still on the headstone, he stared at the night sky in silence. The freezing rain washed over him, hitting his skin, but he felt nothing. All he felt in this moment was that he was one with her.


No matter how far apart we were, my mom loved me and I will always love her.


We yearn to learn more, to see more, to hear more, but only for nature to close its door.

Grateful for School

It was not until my dad picked me up from the airport that I knew I would be going to Sebastian River High School in three days. I had not been to a full-time public school in eight years. I was horrified.

The Night Shift

The new hire fell silent, mostly out of an ever-growing anxiousness that crawled up the back of his neck, making his hair stand on end. Something felt off about this place, this job, and he hadn’t even started yet.

Support for the New Kid

In November of this school year, I transferred to Sebastian River High School. I was terrified because I was moving to a new school in a new state in the middle of the semester. I didn’t know the town, I didn’t know the school, and the scariest part was, I didn’t know the people.

I Needed Teachers Like These

Throughout middle school and high school, I’ve met some great challenges. At times, the stressful subject matter gave me nightmares, made me cry, and stationed me in a scared, worrisome state that not only affected me, but my friends and family.

Dreamy Escape

Rule a kingdom just for tonight. Sail a pirate ship on an endless sea. Save the Milky Way galaxy. The possibilities are created by me.

Change Not Survival

We expect the pièce de résistance, for our day-to-day life to be a constant whirlwind of emotions and conflicts, only for them to eventually settle like they do at the end of a fairytale.

We Heart Papa Swag

Papa Swag was one of the nicest men I have ever met. Though he was not a full-time, paid teacher at Sebastian River High School, he sure acted like it. He went above and beyond to care for the hearts of so many students, even the ones he did not know well.


Her parents were not moving. They were not dead; but they were not breathing. They were just still, still as the morning when Arya woke up. They looked as if someone pressed a pause button.


Gloomy winter days, hibernation has started.


She would eat anything vegetarian and mini pancakes in the morning with a glass of orange juice to take her pills.

On the Loose

He was looking at me with a dark look in his eyes, almost as if he was looking right through me. I let out a gasp and turned around to start running. I only got a few feet ahead when I slipped on a mud pile and fell to the ground.

The Prophesy

I know your planning to leave, but you can’t. What is coming is all part of a prophecy, a prophecy that needs to happened and nobody will stop it.


From kindergarten to twelfth grade,
oh how time flies. To the day you walk across the stage, hearing your parents cry.

I Wait

In my dreams I see a story of love that I wish I could hold–Romeo and Juliet, a king and his queen.

Wasted Time

Fret the world and its fights for there are no good hearts.


This is a Tree

There, the three on the tree smiled, holding each other on the tree. The family of togetherness smiling on the tree, showing it hope.

The Lady of Feathers

The lady shakes herself, repositioning the delicate coat upon her tense shoulders, her beady eyes ravenously scanning her immediate surroundings. She is hungry. The food, the promised food, has not come.

Car Keys

When the man reached the car, he shoved his face right up against the window and glowered with crazed, bloodshot eyes. His hair was wild and entangled with dirt; blood layered the side of his face.


This was a place where people like her were sent to be experimented on, where they were sent to die.

The Four Seasons

A venti sized cup of warm water, extra sand and seashells, double waves, and a shot of sun to get you through.

By Shawn Dykes


The young boy sat at the edge of his family’s farm on the outskirts of the village assembling rocks and sticks into a makeshift shrine and prayed to the gods that he did not know.

Remus Laslow

I got my camera crew and headed back down there. I forgot how it smells… like dead rats and sewage. Absolutely awful. I think it’s already getting to me because there’s a little chattering voice in my head claiming to be Remus Laslow. Seriously? I ignored it, and it got louder.

You Are Not Alone

Devon laughed a little at that and then wiped the tear off her face. She noticed a little blue butterfly glowing and flying around her. A rose floated over and land behind her left ear.

Change Needed

My revolution will stop racial profiling. My revolution will create an impact. My revolution will create more diversity. Because of my revolution, I will not be profiled.


As the pasta begins to soften, you wonder if it’s almost ready. It’s a dish you eat quite often–delicious, perfect spaghetti.

My Revolution

My revolution will make women feel safer. There will be no pictures of her nudes plastered online. There won’t be any police reports ignored.


Burned. Not by a flame, but by the pain. A bottle of tears to remind me I’m human too.


The blood cascaded down her forearm and pooled beside her shoe. It was her own, but she wasn’t aware.


To the World, Wake Up

Why is it that people are made to feel inferior to those pictured in the magazines like Vogue and Star and People? And why is is that people can’t see that those images aren’t real?


3 a.m. thoughts in my head. Heading to sleep while I’m dreaming.

Bloody and Bitter

Suddenly, a loud scream cut the peaceful and pitiful reverie Erin was in. Their head snapped back towards the camp. Spike bristled and growled, sensing ominous danger.

The Lazy Beast

Sweat drips, mouth agape in awe. His scaly greatness covers the patch of sand on which he lies.

I’m tired.

I’m tired. I’m not lazy, I’m unmotivated. I’m sad. I’m scared.

Burning Cabin

The fire crackled around me, its warmth encompassing me like a hug. A very violent, tight, burney hug, but a hug, nonetheless. My main concern was getting out, of course, but I was also confused. There wasn’t a single thing able to cause a fire in this house.

Paranormal Paranoia

Not long after they moved in, they discovered an entrance to a secret door that has been boarded up. Paranormal events occurred nearly every night they stayed there. Every clock in the house stopped at 4:02 a.m. Birds flew into their windows, and one morning Max was found dead.